Drinks for....3 (or more!)?

As a photographer, I always try to capture genuine emotions. I know how nervous many can be when it comes to finding the perfect "fit" for your most important memories. You should be able to click with your photographer because they are going to be spending the most time with you and if you're feeling awkward, then it's going to show in your photos.

I've been trying something new lately and meeting with my couples before their ceremonies, usually right before, so that we can break the ice, shatter the barriers, and have fun shooting in a different location other than the pre-planned venue. This is a perfect way to discover another part of the city and also get comfortable together. I personally don't want to feel like a creep when I tell you to "Kiss like no one is around!", while I stand there snapping away lol. First, duh...someone is around and second, if I say it- it'll look good, but if during our mini session I try out prompts that make one of you or both of you cringe, then I mark it out on my "idea list". It will save so much time shooting on the day of and when editing!

Nickole and Megan came down to New Orleans to elope with a small group of friends and their parents. Before their epic elopement, us three gals met at Muriel's (off of Jackson Square) with a plan to take a short stroll through the French Quarter for a "mini session".

My favorite bartender, Mary, was on deck with the red wine I love most. She whipped up some amazing drinks for my sweet couple as we got to know each other. Right away, we clicked. In conversation, I learned how the two were on rival soft ball teams in college, but didn't know they had played against one another until years later, once fate aligned and they met. Only Nickole had been to Nola before and didn't get a chance to explore, so this was truly a first time experience for both!

Their original plan was for a large wedding back home, but COVID interrupted those plans and the venue they'd booked, would not return their money (and couldn't re-schedule them either). It was heartbreaking to hear this, because these ladies are the sweetest souls. I knew I needed to help conjure up the perfect French Quarter tour and help facilitate the best elopement ever!

Brides walk across the street in front of the LaBranche House on Royal Street.

Nickole and Megan share gazes and laughter while they walk across the street with the LaBranche House on Royal Street behind them.

We walked from Muriel's to Royal Street, and circled back through St. Ann Street, and ultimately St. Peter Street. The perfect ix of historical architecture and colorful homes is intertwined along these routes. I was on a mission to find the yellow and pink houses, that are pictured. I have passed by these so many times without much thought, but felt this was the perfect couple to capture in front of the beautiful homes.

With the help of some conversation and a few drinks, we were no longer legit strangers and made jokes, shared laughter, and they easily danced and followed my prompts with no hesitation! This was such a great idea, meeting up before the elopement. Everything flowed so effortlessly from then on.

Couple walks across the street in front of the LaBranche House in New Orleans.
Nickole smiles and Megan laughs while sitting on a French Quarter stoop.
Nickole and Megan snuggle up on a French Quarter stoop.
Megan smiles as Nickole kisses her on a French Quarter street.
The brides dance in front of colorful New Orleans historic homes.
Nickole and Megan embrace and look at each other in New Orleans.
Nickole and Megan kiss in the French Quarter.
Nickole and Megan share a kiss in Nola.
Brides hold hands in New Orleans.
Megan laughs as Nickole kisses her on a French Quarter street.
Megan smiles as Nickole kisses her on a French Quarter street.
Nickole brushes some of Megan's hair back, behind her ears in the French Quarter.
The brides dance in front of colorful New Orleans historic homes.
The brides dance in front of colorful New Orleans French Quarter homes.
Nickole and Megan kiss outside of colorful New Orleans historic homes.

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New Orleans, Louisiana