A couple shares a kiss at sunset in City Park in New Orleans.
A couple sits on the stairs to the second floor of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.
A bride and groom hold hands and cross the street in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
A couple kisses as fireworks go off behind them in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A truly magical day

"I believe in capturing the real connection between a couple on the day that showcases their love. I’ve found the best way to do this is to represent what that means to you through every detail." This means through all the laughter, tears, and joy- I want to capture those memories with heart and intention.

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A typical wedding day begins with the end of getting ready, first looks, ceremony coverage, formals, and reception coverage. Includes 6 hours of coverage with one shooter. Extra time is available.

$1900 and up


If you're looking for more than one shooter and want video included, then this one is for you! 6 hours with two shooters and a videographer. You'll only have to go through and coordinate with one person instead of 20!

starts at $2500- contact me

A newly wedded couple shares a first dance at the Napoleon House in New Orleans, Louisiana.
A bride shares laughs with her bridesmaids in the Pharmacy Museum of New Orleans.
An above shot of a bride before her wedding march, at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.
A groom adjusts his tie before his wedding.
A bride and groom share their first kiss as husband and wife, under a floral alter at the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans
Newlyweds walk down the aisle together after their first kiss.
Floral altar at the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans.
Wedding party poses together at the Pharmacy Museum of New Orleans, Louisnana.
The wedding cake is King Cake with Mardi Gras colors.
Wedding guests toast to the newlyweds during their reception at the Napoleon House in New Orleans.
Wedding guests have signed the guest book during the reception at the Napoleon House.
Mother of the bride zips up the brides dress in New Orleans.
A second line band member plays their instrument as they march forward.
A bride dances with the second line band for her wedding in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
A groom poses during his wedding's second line march through the French Quarter.
A couple kisses as they march with their wedding second line.
A bride looks on from behind a Second Line band.
A second line band member leads the wedding guests through the Pharmacy Museum of New Orleans.
Outside view of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.
A couple exchanges vows at the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans.
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Why should you work with me?

Each wedding, couple, family and person is different, and each taught me something new. I bring that expertise and knowledge to every new story I am asked to capture.

It's not enough to be good at what you do. Being likable and loving others is a different expertise.

I believe my cameras are simply my way to love others and help influence their lives. That means we have fun together while I capture your important memories.

I also believe that hearts matter. On one level a wedding a love story. Your love story. On another level, it’s about how I view the best way to serve you.

Photography for me is more than a passion. It’s my lifelong dream and legacy for my daughters.

So why do I do it? Wedding photography is about connections and creatively exploring those narratives is interesting.

Who am I? I'm a photographer with a vision, who wants to work with you.

How far in advance should I book with you?

I can be flexible but I have a big girl weekday job and am a single mom, so at least 2 months before the date will be mutually beneficial! Popular dates tend to fill up as well, so as soon as you have your date set- see if I am available.

Do we get ALL of our photos?

Sure do! The only photos we remove are the out of focus, blinks, blurry or just straight up unflattering photos that we know you won’t want. On average we deliver 75-100 photos per hour that we're actively shooting. We do NOT send you any RAW (un-edited) photos – you're hiring us for our expertise & editing style, trusting that we'll deliver all the best photos in a style consistent with the work you see on our website, blog & social media.

Do you travel?

I do! I love to get around, do not be afraid to ask for pricing. If it's somewhere on my bucket list- I will likely not charge for travel.

What is your shooting style?

I'm very laid back and go with the flow in general. I make it a point to capture everything as I see it- journalistic, if you will. I do like to grab my couples for some fun creative concepts, but usually keep it short, so that your entire night isn't consumed with posing. I like to be traditional with family formals, because you will want something for the wall, but I will not force this unless it is especially asked for. When I send you a questionnaire, I specifically leave it to clients to choose!

Do you have a vendor list?

Yes. If you need any suggestions, I do know a lot of other vendors in the wedding industry that I can connect you with. It makes searching a little less of a headache. Here are a few that I know and love! Florists: Harkins the Florist | HMUA: Beauty by Becca | Officiants: Let's Elope New Orleans, Just Married Y'all, Rivere Ceremonies

Marigny Opera House Editorial with New Orleans Wedding Magazine

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