Found Kodak Slides

This could've been a blog,

...but I thought the found film slides needed a page of their own. From what I know about the benefactor of the estate sale (where I discovered these), is that she was an Army widow (evidenced by the American flag I found folded amongst her things) and traveled the world collecting art and culture. I saw tons of crucifixes and Saint medallions, so I know she was a devout Catholic. I found saris, bindis, and kama sutra artwork from India. Unfortunately, I don't have slides from her time in India, but I can only imagine the beautiful images she must have caught. I know they were an Italian family and took a lot of pride in that. She had close relatives in Rome and Venice (which I have slides of) from visits there. 

I bought so many amazing things from this sale back in March 2022. If you've seen my unbagging of a dry cleaned white quilt, last sealed by Keans- after a deep clean, in 1975. I've since used that quilt in a few photo sessions. I got filthy rich with old Pyrex which I've been using daily. Bakeware, stoveware, etc. I really lucked out here, but I also felt for this person I didn't know. She was a world traveling art collector, devout Catholic, proud Italian, artistically talented, and very family oriented. I wish I could have met Mrs. Cascio.

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