Best of Zola 2023

Fun Facts:

  1. I love estate sales and frequently stand in long lines to end up with little trinkets.
  2. I'm a Libra- if that matters!
  3. I LOVE pizza- specifically the garlic shrimp and crawfish pizza at Magazine Pizza

"With honesty and sincerity..."

"With honesty and sincerity..."

I'm going to be honest and let you in on a little secret: I hate being in front of the camera too! In fact- you won't catch me in front of one willingly. Now, behind the lens- totally there. Every step of the way, providing encouragement and corny jokes. Giving you the space to be yourselves.

I can't wait to capture your moments!
I can't wait to capture your moments!

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The best part of my team:

My lovely twins are still working on their editing skills, but both can use cameras, record video, and work a drone! All- which can be added in house, so you only have to go through one company!

The Fun and Quirky Stuff-

I'm a history nerd and I really enjoy escaping to the little towns in south Louisiana. There's something very romantic about the wispy moss hanging from the trees and the quietness out in the country that allows you to daydream a little. I love bringing my camera along to capture my kids on their adventures- sometimes they love it...other times they don't and I end up with billions of pictures with their hands over their faces. I have two pugs- they're the right kind of dog for me. I've been to a lot of places, but there's no place like home. New Orleans is where I always circle back to. Moments are fleeting, but photographs hold time still, so you can revisit the most special memories. I am super laid back and go with the flow, so if you're panicking, I'm not. Everything works out.

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