From Nola with Love:

Congratulations to Spencer and Ryan!!

What an amazing time we had eating beignets and dancing to street music! It was a beautiful morning and we could not have asked for better weather. 

We met up at Jackson Square for a truly intimate ceremony. Usually, Jackson Square is buzzing with tourists, but since it was an early Sunday morning, we had the Square somewhat to ourselves....minus a few menaders that wandered through.

When I first saw Spencer, she was already wearing her picture perfect vintage tea dress and veil. Her shoes were super sparkly and totally adorable! She stopped traffic with those heels.

A bride and her mother share a laugh as they prepare to begin the ceremony inside of Jackson Square, New Orleans.
A couple reads their vows to each other while their officiant leads them with a script.
A couple reads their vows to each other while their officiant leads them with a script.
A couple kiss during their ceremony in Jackson Square with the cathedral behind them.

After their ceremony and a few portraits in front of the cathedral, we trekked from Jackson Square to the Cafe du Monde on Decatur- right across the street. [Side Note: *Most don't know this, but you do not have to wait to be seated. You can walk right in and sit down wherever you want, but there is no table service. You have to order from a window, but they accept cards now!]

A newly married couple share some sweet words while looking at each other in front of the St. Louis Cathedral.

As you can see, the fresh piping hot beignets were the perfect 'cake' to their 'reception'. They even got a little side concert for entertainment, while getting powdered sugar all over the place!

A bride and groom hold hands while walking towards Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter.
A couple smiles with each other seated at a Cafe du Monde table.
A newly wed couple shares their first beignets as husband and wife.
A couple kiss across a table at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter New Orleans.

I was surprised to see that Spencer heeded my advice about bringing a tote bag with an extra pair of shoes, because she whipped out these comfy platform sandals to walk in, while going to and from. They were also great for dancing! So bonus points all around.

The vibe had a very New Orleans eccentric aesthetic that so many love when they visit. The bride's parents were also in attendance, and the father mentioned how this is exactly how he pictures New Orleans when he thinks of it.

It was extremely hot on this particular Sunday morning, so we were ready to get to Canal Place and in some a/c. Spencer mentioned how she really wanted to get some portraits in front of the 'With Love from Nola sign'. We grabbed some portraits at the Washington Artillery en route to the mall. We didn't want to leave once we'd made it. Not that its far away from where we were, it was just that we needed a cool blast of air to keep us alive.

Canal Place was open in general, but non of the stores were set to open at the time we were there. No one was around and because no one spoke to us, we went on a mall rat adventure!

On the third floor, I was happy to see a new theatre in place of the old one. It almost made me think of 'Stranger Things' and its' '80's vibe. I would 10 out 10 risk trouble again if I had an '80's theme couple elope! I know a place....

Anyway, we were wrapping up and attempted to get a picture in front of the Prytania Street theater sign, when a security guard seemingly came from the shadows and told us 'No professional pictures allowed!' We were done anyway, but where had this person been the whole time! I sneakily lifted my camera up and shot a picture as we beelined for the elevator. Spencer laughed as she knew what I was doing. Before I could at least get a shot with just the duo together, the guard shouted at us 'Didn't you hear what I said? I said to not take some [expletive] pictures!' We scurried even more and after catching our breath on the way down, we laughed hysterically! You'd think we committed some notorious crime. Pretty certain my face is on a wanted poster now. It is such a strange concept to me, when it's okay to use my cell phone, but not my camera. I'm still the professional taking the picture, am I not? The logic has me genuinely concerned. Too bad I didn't have my cell phone, because I would have tested this theory!

Oh well, we were not causing harm nor damage and I could go on a whole tangent, but I won't. It was fun while it lasted.

Outside of Canal Place, we found a streetcar on break and I took more photos of the newly married couple having a good time before I had to say 'goodbye'. I always feel like I'm leaving new friends behind! I'm so thrilled they had a great time and went home with so many stories to tell!!

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