so, you decided to elope...


You decided to marry in discreet and elope, yay, go you! This is a brave and intimate choice by those who love to march to the beat of their own drum -or march in their own second line. This is a great way to cut out expensive wedding costs and splurge on the things you desire.


Whatever destination you choose, courthouse, state park, oceanside, so forth, I will be there to share in those most sacred, warm moments. You won’t see one backdrop or standard wedding cliché (I like a good cliché every now and then). This is not a typical cookie-cutter day. This day is as unique as the couple. As I say, wherever the wind will take me, let this be an easy and rememberable day!

Here's a few things to remember for your elopement:

A diamond ring sits on top of a pile of beignets with a 'Mr. and Mrs.' sign next to it on a table in Cafe du Monde.


The first definite must is to remember your rings. It seems straight forward, right? With the

jitters and nerves going, you can easily forget the smallest but most important part! This doesn’t mean that your day is ruined though. Take it all with stride and don’t worry. Everything is going to turn out just fine!

A bride smiles big while looking down at her hand with her wedding ring held out.


Bring the essentials! This means the bouquet, cuff links, jewelry, veil, shoes, watches, and vows. You want the elopement and emotions to show through your images!

A bride and groom sort through vintage records at the Euclid Records store in New Orleans.


Have your marriage license ready ahead of time by making sure you have all the required documents needed to obtain one. If you're bringing one from back home, still ask questions about what color ink you'll need. Trust me, that's super important to know. If you plan to get it while in Louisiana, you can start the process online in Jefferson Parish. Orleans Parish will do things a little differently, but Jefferson Parish makes it very easy!

A groom kisses the bride under a neon sign that reads: Do whatcha wanna.


Have your outfits or dresses ready and fitted. If you have a destination in mind, make sure you are dressed for the setting. Depending on if it is indoors or outdoors, hot or cold, you might want to think about how you will dress to make sure you are comfortable (summer in Louisiana can be intense). I have seen many couples get married in formal suits and gowns to more dressy-casual outfits. The important thing is to do you! (You do you boo!)


The final thing I must leave you with is: Treat yo' self.

Pamper yourselves the week of. Get your eyebrows tinted and waxed, have your hair color refreshed and trimmed, have the groom’s beard trimmed or shaved, and make sure nails are cleaned and polished! The night before, do whatever you can to not think about the day ahead. I know that sounds weird, but relish in these moments. You've got an adventure ahead of you and you will want to feel ready for it!!

A newlywed couple kisses in from of the LaBranche House on Royal Street in New Orleans and a mule walks behind.