Planning Your Outfits

While the right location and the right editing is completely for me to take care of, I need your help to create magic by wearing outfits that will compliment the mood of your session. If your vibe is light and airy, choose light, neutral, timeless outfits. If you're colorful and vibrant, mix things up to make each other pop!! It's fun to have a few patterns and loud colors. You do you!! This way, you guys are focused on having fun and the photos will highlight you, your family, your faces, and your love.

For patterns, depending on your taste- light florals, eyelet patterns and light stripes photograph beautifully. Coordinate with creams, tans, whites and light grays - then add a little color with muted pinks, blues, and greens. Or for vibrancy- coordinate on a color scheme that won't drown you out or look like a uniform. Go for one person in leopard and a leather jacket, another in jeans and boots, maybe add a little turquoise or pink. Try to not make everyone wear the same pattern or same exact color. Dresses really help to capture that timeless look. A light breeze or a simple twirl really adds beautiful motion to a photograph!

If you want to add some personality/individuality, layer and add accessories with a hat, jacket, headbands and necklaces. 

Shoes: Remember that you'll want to be comfortable as we move around, but please stay away from character themed shoe and bulky soles. 

If you are looking to purchase new clothes, my favorite places to recommend are Old Navy, Zara, Gap and Target, as they are affordable, coordinate well from baby sizes to adults sizes and have timeless pieces that photograph well. Don't be afraid to try unique places like Trashy Diva or even Mercari!!

After Your Session

Once your session is over you'll receive your digital gallery within 2-3 weeks. You'll receive your digital images in color and some black and white. You'll be able to download them all, along with a PDF for the printing rights. You'll also be able to share with family and friends easily. You will have the option to order prints and products through the online gallery which is the only way I can guarantee 100% color accuracy. I always love to post a sneak peek on social media (Facebook and Instagram) within 2-3 days. So watch for that!