Preparing For Your Session

More than often, I get asked the typical question, “So how should I prepare for my photography session?” This is a topic I could give answers to all day. Instead, I broke it down to a few must- knows. Here we go:

  • Plan your outfit. Sounds easy, but you would be surprised at the outfit choices I have witnessed. Make sure they make sense with the location or scene. You want to be comfortable in whatever you select. Show off the best version of you, but don’t be scared to be a little extra! Add accessories for more of a glam effect. Sometimes I use accessories, such as hats, sunglasses, or bracelets, as props. Plan out 2-3 outfits for variety and bring these with you.
  • As I stated before, go for the best version of you! The week of your photo session have your hair and nails done. Having a professional do these will ensure good results. You wouldn’t want to risk having your hair destroyed right before your session, would you?
  • Bring props. Depending on your type of shoot, make sure to incorporate something fitting. This could be a bottle of wine shared on a first date between you and your partner, a onesie you bought for the little one you are expecting, or a ‘Save The Date’ sign! The options are endless; let your creativity shine!

Most importantly, have fun. Make this a family day or spouse, day date! Go for movies and shakes afterward and turn this into an enjoyable outing. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready the day of and relax! It will turn out beautifully.